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Not Just Numbers has been going almost 5 years now and I thought it might be a good time to link to some of the most popular posts on the site. These are posts that are consistently in the top five to ten every month, although some of them were written years ago.

By far the most popular post of all time on the blog is my post on the use of the dollar sign to fix rows and columns in Excel:

EXCEL TIP: The dollar sign ($) in a formula – Fixing cell references

Another much read post is my explanation of the IF statement which is one of the most useful functions to grasp in Excel:

EXCEL TIP: The IF Statement made simple

A more recent post that is proving popular is my assorted tips on tidying up text:

EXCEL TIP: Simple tips for tidying up text in Excel

When you are dealing with imperfect data, it is often handy to be able to deal with errors that make your reports look messy, this post deals with an approach to never needing to see an error message on your reports again:

EXCEL TIP: Eliminating #DIV/0! and other errors automatically using ISERROR

Finally, this post gives a simple tip for learning any new function that you want:

EXCEL TIP: Use any Excel function in seconds

I hope there’s something new to learn there for you.

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