Take a look at what some of our clients have to say:


"I hope you can use me for a reference sometime. It would be my privilege. You are a paragon of customer service!!!!!! (as well as technical expertise)"

William Lareau, Republic Parking System - Ann Arbor and author of Office Kaizen 2: Harnessing Leadership, Organizations, People, and Tools for Office Excellence, USA


[SMS message received] "I love doing invoices!!! I have such hideous memories of invoicing before  that it always takes me by surprise how  easy it is now and I have hardly had to contact you this time. Thanks for building me such a fab spreadsheet. Suzy"

Suzy Granger, Bath School of Swimming, UK


"Perfectly understood my requirements and clearly a genius."

Colin Kendall, 7 Presentations, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK


"Excellent service! Rapid and clear communication led to production of a first class spreadsheet.I will be using this service for my next spreadsheet."

Richard Hartley, UK


"Glen did an excellent job on our project, despite the fact that it was focused on US higher education costs and the US income tax system."

Todd Fothergill, Strategies for College Inc, USA


"Understood my specifications for the spreadsheet and the purpose of its use in a clinical (nursing) setting. I was very pleased with the spreadsheet. I would definitely use [this service] again. Thank you."

Ronald Kreilkamp, Chinese Hospital, San Francisco, USA


"Excellent service received about my requirement from the off, Glen was very understanding and developed a robust spreadsheet to meet my aims. No issue or re-design aspect was ever a problem and the product evolved at a good pace to meet my overall requirement. The final version was robust, user -friendly and meets my requirements."

Trevor Steele, Indoor Rowing athlete, UK


"Excellent feedback and great detail for the finished product.

Definitely recommend."

Dean Atkinson, The Document Management Group, Liverpool, UK

"Excellent and very professional service. Would definitely use this service for other projects as well as recommend it to others."

Ryan Doremus, US Government

"First class and very useful service not only for spreadsheets but for all those odd Excel problems that you suddenly find yourself facing."

Philip Caplan, Caplan Associates, UK

"Excellent end spreadsheet, exactly what was required."

A. Craig, Easy Pay, USA

"It really is an elegant piece of work. Let me pay you the compliment - and I hope it will please you - that as a former Principal in Ernst & Young I can say with some authority that your mastery of these equations, your attention to customer quality, and the sheer competence you represent is well and truly world-class. In fact, you pulled off a job of coding that even the brightest in EY failed at. You are without peer, I really believe that. Thank you for a job well done. Now send me another invoice - you underquoted the quality, and deserve twice your original fee."

Nic Read, President, SalesLabs, New York


"I have been able to do some accounting that I have been unable to do for the past thirty-five years. Thank you very much for your help.  I will keep you in mind if I need your services in the future.  This was money well spent."

J.W. White M.D. , Canada

"I must take my hat off to you. You have made my life easier and you will save me a lot of hours in the future. You are an Excel genius!

I would recommend you to anybody! If I have anything else I need done, then I will email you for sure. A Giant Thanks."

Dan McGarry, Vehicle Maintenance Technician, Iraq


"As I returned to my spreadsheet to model the new sales incentive plan and attempted to regain my thoughts after the latest in a long line of interruptions that morning I realised that I had been editing the same cell for two hours. The afternoon looked unlikely to pan out any better, the deadline was looming, the meeting was booked with the MD and head of sales for the next day and I had a wedding anniversary meal to go to, so there was no prospect of staying on to finish after hours.

By 4:45 that afternoon I had a fully working spreadsheet model exactly as specified and had received a full briefing on how it worked, all for less than it cost to employ me for the afternoon.

A fantastic service that I will definitely use again."

Ian Batchelor, Analox Group, North Yorkshire, UK