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A number of you will remember that I have previously recommended Mynda Treacy’s Excel Dashboard course(many of you purchased it), and I’m pleased to tell you that it is once again available – for a limited time.

The course is video based and available online 24/7. It comes with comprehensive Excel workbooks and several sample dashboards to keep. There’s also an option to download the videos, plus Mynda personally provides support for the first 6 weeks of the 12 month membership.

Dashboards are an incredibly valuable tool in today’s market for consultants, analysts, managers and accountants. But Excel doesn’t make it straightforward to build highly professional and interactive dashboards. That’s why this type of training is crucial.

What readers are saying about the course:
The previous classes have been a huge hit with many people saying how they love the cool
techniques and how they’ve been able to impress their colleagues and clients by using them in all
sorts of reports, not just dashboards.

Others have said the course has prompted them to take a whole new approach to producing their monthly reports.

I highly recommend the course but don’t take my word for it. You can read comments from past students and find out more (including sample videos) here.

Bonus 20% Off (and a free gift)
If you join the class by January 23rd you can get it for 20% off plus I’ll include my Introduction to Pivot Tables video training course absolutely free, just enter FEECHAN in the ‘Referral Source’ field below the PayPal Buy Now button when you purchase Mynda’s course and then email me your receipt.

So, do yourself a favour and check out the course. The price is incredibly fair, the course is excellent and it’ll transform your Excel reports and possibly even your Excel career.

Learn Excel Dashboard Course

Disclosure: I make a small commission for students who join Mynda’s course, but as you know I
don’t just recommend anything and everything. It has to be of outstanding quality and value, and
something I can genuinely recommend. After all, if doesn’t live up to what I’ve promised you’ll think poorly of me too and I don’t want that. Oh, and just watching the course videos won’t transform
your career, you have to actually put it into practice, but then you know that.

Excel Expert Course

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