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This weekend, I went on a bushcraft training weekend with my fifteen year-old son, building our own camp in the woods, etc.

This was an amazing experience and is still fresh in my mind as I write this blog post. So, it got me thinking, “In the Excel jungle, what would I have in my survival kit?”

I thought I’d ask myself the following question (and I’d love to hear your answers too, in the comments) – If I could only have three functions/features in Excel, what would they be? I am going to assume that basic mathematical functions like adding and subtracting and SUM are there, but what are the top three additional features that I wouldn’t want to be without?

So, here are my top three (in no particular order):


  1. VLOOKUP – Having Excel look up information from tables elsewhere in the spreadsheet is an incredibly useful facility. I did, however, think for a while about this as I would have preferred INDEX and MATCH, but that would have taken up two of my choices!
  2. PivotTables – I use them all of the time and they remove the need for formulae in many cases.
  3. The IF statement – being able to get Excel to essentially make decisions based upon the information it has available is too useful a feature to give up!
Please let me know yours in the comments.
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